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A Plan for Everyone

Because of our custom approach, HiLivePro can tailor every part of our phone service to fit your specific needs.  By working closely with our clients, we are able to draw on past experiences and expertise to ensure efficiency and recommend services popular in your industry.  We've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, attorneys, tech startups, and contractors and know that each set of problems may be different.  At HiLivePro there are no one-size-fits-all options.


As a contractor sometimes business gets in the way of business, especially when it comes to answering the phone. Still, the cost of getting the phones handled by a traditional receptionist might be more than you’re willing to pay. The truth is that you don’t actually need to hire anyone. Our virtual assistant package is a better answer to your phone service needs. We can answer all your calls live, screen them to see if they are important, and then forward the relevant calls directly to you. We will make sure you never miss out on a new customer again!


Beyond handling new client inquiries and screening calls, our virtual assistants can handle exhibit preparation and documents that need to be transcribed. Whether it’s a sound file of a case that needs transcribing, or a PDF that can’t be converted while maintaining accuracy and formatting, we can help. Our assistants are here to handle any copying, faxing, or legal clerical needs.

Realtors and Brokers

While your diligent advertising skills have brought calls from numerous potential buyers or leasers, they’ve also lead to an abundance of solicitations. Solicitors may create a bottleneck for calls, preventing you from receiving profitable inquiries. HiLivePro will screen calls according to your instructions and ensure you receive only the calls you want, when you want them. We can also use information you’ve given us to answer basic queries, access a shared database to give property information to callers, and more.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

We understand the numerous challenges that come with a startup business. For this reason, we offer administrative support to startups which leverages your business in the market and frees up as much of your time as possible, so you can focus on new clients. HiLivePro can provide management consulting, accounting data entry and development of a marketing campaign, streamlining business to improve productivity, creating and managing spreadsheets, as well as creating word documents. We can also assist you in sending and receiving faxes, filing of business documents, mail processing and screening for important documents, email handling, as well as handling application forms and their collection.  When that first customer calls, make sure you are ready with HiLivePro!

Advice and Mentoring

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to helping small businesses grow.  We are always available to sit down and talk whether you need help developing a marketing strategy, setting up your website, or with any other business process.  Our many years of service to a diverse array of companies makes us uniquely qualified to share our experiences.

Focused on Our Clients

How calls are handled and the type of caller varies throughout industries.  HiLivePro has tailored plans to fit your specific business. Whether you are a solo attorney, a new tech startup, or a contractor, we have the expertise to improve your communications.  



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