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A Better Way to Run Your Business

Never let potential customers get a busy signal or go straight to voicemail!  HiLivePro will professionally handle your calls so you can avoid hiring full time staff, training a secretary, or worrying about setting up a complex business phone system.

Your Company's First Impression

Customers start formulating opinions of your company the second you pick up the phone.  That's why a professional image and a knowledgeable presence on the other end of the phone can prove invaluable for businesses.  At HiLivePro our virtual assistants ensure that every first impression is a chance to win over a new customer.

Watch Us Work

Watch one of our virtual assistants handle a call, takes detailed notes, and transfers the caller to the correct person.

About Us

At HiLivePro our virtual assistants are extremely equipt and well trained. Our college educated virtual assistants are trained extensively on every detail of your business so they are even able to answer advance customer questions.  Everytime we pick up the phone we become a member of your staff and are dedicated to representing your company in the most professional manner possible.



Through recruiting only the industry's best, we have put together a team you can call on with any requests and who can truly be a resource to your business, no matter the task.  Stop by and say hello and meet our team today!


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                                 300 E. Lombard St. 

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Live Call Answering Services

HiLivePro is the most customizable, most customer focused, and most human reception service available.  We work closely with businesses to create a process where every customer feels valued and never gets a voicemail box when trying to reach you.

  • Live Answered Phones

  • Screening and Forwarding

  • Web Chat Services

  • Voicemail to Email or Text

  • Appointment Scheduling and Lead Tracking

Live Answer

Have real people live answer the phone for your company, who make it a point to never sound like an answering service.  Our staff learn about your business to truly become an integral part of your company.

Call Screening

Never deal with telemarketers or solicitors again! Our staff screens every call and only forward the most important callers to you directly.

Appointment Scheduling and Lead Tracking

Our receptionists can schedule all or your appointments through a shared calendar and even help you track and follow up on new client leads.  We can integrate with your CRM system or use an excel document as a marketing log, so you know exactly where your new customers are coming from.

Our Mission

We strive to help both large and small businesses thrive.  By lowering overhead and providing professional telecommunications, HiLivePro has seen many of its clients grow from small startups to established businesses.  We know nothing is more important than that first contact with a customer which is why we are devoted to making your business stand out from the competition, starting with the very first "hi"!

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300 E. Lombard St. Suite 840

Baltimore, MD 21202


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