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HiLivePro has an option for any size business.  Call us today at 410-814-7600 to discuss what makes sense for your company, as well as customizable service plans.

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Business phone line with 24/7 live answered calls 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my customers know they are talking to a call service?

No.  Our virtual receptionists are trained on the details of your business, answer with your chosen greeting, and function as your employees.  We take pride in professionally representing your business and becoming a member of your team.

How long is the commitment?

Typically, memberships span 12 months. However, we offer flexible membership terms, short-term options, and discounts on longer commitments.

What if I need custom administrative services?

HiLivePro will assist your business in any way necessary.  Whether it is scheduling, lead tracking, or employment processing, we will find a cost effective and efficient method to tackle any custom business need.

Are phones answered 24/7?

Yes, calls are assisted 24/7, 365 days a year.

Can I keep my old number?

Of course, we will forward your business number and answer your calls live.  You can keep the number your customers have always used, but have our virtual assistants answer those calls!

We have several employees. Can you forward calls to all of us?

Many companies have us transfer calls to various employees.  Depending on the callers question, it may be more appropriate for the call to go to your accounting department, instead of customer service.  This is one of the great advantages of HiLivePro.  Every call is screened on an individual basis and transferred instantly to the person most equipped to the caller.

How do I sign up?

Give us a call any time at 410-814-7600! Signing up is fast and easy and can be done by email or over the phone.  Start the process now by clicking the Sign Up link above.

My company needs full virtual office services, including occasional office space. Can you help?

Because LiveHiPro is a product of Officense, we are able to provide full virtual office solutions to any company.  Located in downtown Baltimore, Officense can provide your business with hourly, daily, and monthly offices and conference rooms.  Officense can handle mail and packages, and provide you with a prestigious address at our 300 East Lombard St. location.  Visit for more details.

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