Bilingual Answering Service

Servicio de Contestacion Bilingue

Spanish - English speaking
clients? No problem.

 HiLivePro has you covered with bilingual phone answering service for immigration attorneys, healthcare providers, help desks, and more!

First Impressions

Make a good first impression with clients with bilingual agents

Phone Tree Options

HiLivePro can give your callers the options to proceed in English or Spanish.  Phone trees can be programmed to provide options such as "Press 1 for English" or "Press 2 for Spanish"

Dual Phone Lines

HiLivePro can provide a separate line and phone number for Spanish callers.  

Live Answer

Have real people live answer the phone for your company, who make it a point to never sound like an answering service.  Our staff learn about your business to truly become an integral part of your company.

Appointment Scheduling and Lead Tracking

Our bilingual receptionists can schedule all or your appointments through a shared calendar and even help you track and follow up on new client leads. We can integrate with your CRM system or use an excel document as a marketing log, so you know exactly what advertising channel your new customers are coming from.

Bilingual Web Chat

Convert website visitors to customers by using HiLivePro bilingual staff to chat with your guests live. We can answer questions, refer new chat leads to your sales team, and help with customer support.

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