The Most Personalized Live Answer Phone Service Available

We aren't like other call services that use answering machines or out of country call centers.  All of your calls are handled by our highly trained virtual assistants.  When you use HiLivePro you are able to come by and meet the assistants answering your calls, developing a level of trust and personal service you just can't find anywhere else.

Our Experience

For over 10 years we've been helping businesses large and small answer their calls.  Our years of experience enable us to suggest best practices and optimize communication processes for your business.  

Our Philosophy

Here at HiLivePro we know not every call is the same - so we don't handle every call the same! Our virtual assistants know what to do whether your customer, your family, or a solicitor is calling.  They take the time to thoroughly screen each call so you only talk to the people you need to. 


Phone Number

A Businesses Phone Line

We provide you with a private business phone line at no additional cost.  Or, you can keep your current business number if you prefer.  Our virtual answering service works with any phone number, any phone system, regardless of the number of employees. To better serve you, we individualize our service to suit your business. We will sit down with you and listen to your vision for your business, discover what your needs are, and implement a plan to meet them.

Call Scripting

Screening and Forwarding

Our professional and dedicated staff members attend to your phone when you need us and answer all calls according to your specifications. When calls come in, we start by greeting and screening them according to your instructions. We can call your phone to announce it, take a message, or answer their questions according to information we have available. If you want to take the call, we can connect you just as if you were in the office with us or connect them to voicemail. 


Setting Consultations, Appointments, and Estimates

One of the most time consuming tasks for businesses is often setting up appointments.  But with HiLivePro, scheduling appointments is now a breeze. When a customer calls for an appointment or consultation we can use any shared calendar you desire to set appointments for any indicated availability. We can even classify the type of appointment or any special notations that are mentioned, so you can be prepared for every meeting.

Auto Attendant & Voicemail

Message to Text/Email

For all the calls you would like moved to voicemail, HiLivePro can manage messages in a way that makes checking voicemail easy and simple.  Schedule voicemail transfers, receive instant notifications of messages, receive audio files to email, or even request texts or email transcriptions of messages. Your private voicemail is available 24/7 by phone and, if your messages build up, our staff can schedule weekly voicemail dumps of old callers to ensure you never miss a message.

Advanced Services

Payment Processing

Have our staff process incoming payments instantly.  We will even keep a transaction log which can be emailed, scanned, or faxed on a weekly or daily basis.

Lead Tracking

We can integrate our call notes with your company CRM system to track leads, qualify lead source, and track marketing data.  Our phone assistants can gather contact information and schedule follow up calls and emails.

Web Chat Agents

Convert website visitors to customers by using HiLivePro staff to chat with your guests live.  We can answer questions, refer new chat leads to your sales team, and help with customer support.

Outbound Calling

HiLivePro will make outbound calls for your business to confirm client appointments, schedule consultations, arrange estimates, and qualify inquiring leads.

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HiLivePro is a product of Officense and located in downtown Baltimore, MD.




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