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HiLivePro will give your new business the professional image it needs to grow!

Flexible and Scalable 

 HiLivePro is committed to helping your business grow. We offer a variety of services to startups, freelancers, and new companies. All of our services are customizable to fit your unique needs. Our personalized business support solutions will help you take your business to the next level while lowering your overhead.

"The staff is exceptional!"


Professional and Dependable

When that promising investor of a certain net worth calls in to talk business, the last thing you want is for that inquiry to be sent to your voicemail. When you’re chasing leads and working on new ideas, you're not guaranteed to be able to pick up the phone every time, but we are. Your HiLivePro startup phone answering service will ensure your important calls are answered live everytime. 

Use It like A Pro

Partners, prospective investors, and solicitors may swarm your phone with countless calls. All of them have to be answeredin their own unique way as callers differ in the smallest yet most critical ways. So does that mean you have to begin the arduous task of searching for, hiring, and training  staff to ensure all your calls are answered effectively? This process takes a large amount of time and money. Now there is a different way of handling your telecommunication needs. Get the service you need without the hassle of acquiring an on-site staff: HiLivePro.

We specialize in helping new businesses maintain their bottom line while providing their callers with professional and customized communications management. When you select startup phone answering services with HiLivePro you are guaranteed professional business phone answering that will cost you a fraction of the price of an on-site staff.

Startup Phone Services

Phone Answering Services for Startups and Entrepreneurs

HiLivePro goes beyond simple phone reception to function as your front office staff and virtual assistant.  We can prep documents, schedule appointments, forward calls, take messages, process employment, and even reply to webchats.

  • Live Phone Answer

  • Web Chat Agents

  • Instant Call Forwarding

  • Calendar and Scheduling Services

  • Employment Processing

Marketing and Networking Guidance

After working with hundreds of new businesses over the last 10 years we've learned a thing or two here at HiLivePro.  HiLivePro assistants are always available to share their experience and expertise for you to apply to your startup.


At HiLivePro, we change with you.  We can easily add whatever services you may come to require.  Whether business unexpectedly spikes or you work in a seasonal industry, we can always adapt to fit your current needs.

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