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Does Working from Home Work for You?

The journey towards our current 40-hour work week started in 1866, when the American Labor Union petitioned the federal government to create an eight-hour workday (Lebowitz, 2015). Until it became a professional norm in 1940, Labor Unions continued to push for institutionalizing the 40-hour work week. Most Americans have been following this set work week schedule for over 75 years, but many professionals still work more than 40 hours (Lebowitz, 2015).


What is a healthy and productive balance of work hours in the work week? Evidence suggests that longer hours over a period of time equals lower productivity, but that periodic bursts of longer hours can improve a worker’s performance (Joseph and Yarrow, 2015). An Article published by The Independent, highlighted a Swedish study and a Stanford University study, which both showed data supported the theory that shorter work hours leads to increased productivity and output (Greenfield, 2016). Wouldn’t it be nice to work less, but still meet your goals?

It’s time for American professionals and companies to embrace this trend. Our Office supports the new short work week by offering a flexible office environment. Perhaps you or your employees are more productive between the hours of 2 AM to 5 AM or 10 PM to 1 AM. Normal office settings may not allow you the freedom to work when and for however long you will be productive.

With HiLivePro, break free from the traditional office with our unique live answered phone service which will keep you connected even when at home. If your business operates on non-traditional hours or your employees work five-hour days, look to HiLivePro for your business solution.

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